1. No central exchange: one of the main weaknesses of Forex trading is the absence of a central exchange mechanism in which transactions take place. As such, each market maker on the Forex market serves as a private exchange. Some traders find it reassuring to know that there is a regulated mechanism supporting their participation in the market. Others prefer to trade on ECN systems, with the broker not serving as the market maker. In addition, the absence of a centralized data point means that the Forex spot market does not have all the add-ons, such as information on the volume of transactions, as in the case of stocks and contracts. term.
  2. Two savings for each transaction: By its very nature, there are always two national currencies for each Forex trading position because currencies are quoted in terms of value relative to each other. This means that for a given exchange rate, there are two countries (or regions) to consider. Sometimes the problems of one country will dominate, while the other will sometimes. This can be quite unpredictable in this regard, which can sometimes lead to quite confusing reactions to information and events.

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