Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)


Keyword Research and strategy development
The first step in our SEO process involves taking a look at your business and its competitors to get a firm understanding of where your brand sits in the online marketplace. Using tools like SEMrush and ahrefs, we look at how your site currently ranks for important search queries and research additional keyword opportunities that make sense for your brand.

Technical SEO
When it comes to technical SEO, we have a team of developers and SEO specialists who can diagnose issues with your site like poor page speed and crawl issues. By implementing these fixes, it allows search engines to better understand and crawl your site, which results in better rankings. Sites with solid technical frameworks have a much better chance of ranking for content and showing up in important searches.

SEO Optimized Content Writing
Nowadays, the best way to ensure steady organic traffic growth is through useful, relevant, and SEO optimized content. Our team of content writers works in tandem with the SEO department to create high-ranking blog posts as well as make service and product page optimizations. Continuously updating your site with quality content is one of the best ways to build authority and keep Google happy.

Link Building and Analysis
SEO is changing, but backlinks are still an important factor in how search engines rank the authority of your site. With that being said, not all links are created equal. We analyze your site’s current backlink profile to help us in creating a link building strategy where we secure high authority and relevant links to your website. This sends a ‘signal’ to search engines that your domain is relevant and authoritative within the specific industry or niche.


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